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Our national health system is in the midst of a transformation —from silos of paper medical records and transactional payment models to the new future of electronic data. This is a healthcare model built around reimbursing for the quality of outcomes rather than volume of treatment, and it is enabled by new access to real-time medical data. One of the largest initiatives in this shift is population health management or PHM.

Population health management is a collaborative effort between physicians, regulators, researchers, life sciences, healthcare organizations, and technology leaders to engage with patients proactively, before patients fall ill or acquire chronic diseases. Vaccination reminders, alerts based on changes in health measurements, and automated follow-ups on new treatment plans are all ways that healthcare is evolving to use communication as a powerful clinical tool.

Of the many channels PHM can leverage, there is tremendous excitement for collaboration within the U.S. public school system — a system that covers more than 50 million students. This presents the opportunity to provide crucial early intervention for lifelong disease such as asthma, diabetes, and behavioral health issues. There already  exists within our nation’s schools a foundation for public health with 60,000 trained school nurses on the front lines. There is also a foundation to guide the safe and secure use of health data with established national HIPAA and FERPA privacy regulations.

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